maandag 29 november 2004

Who is Eccky?

I'm speaking at a conference tomorrow and the organizers sent out a press release on how Eccky is the future of social networking and entertainment. Eccky is what I'll be talking about for the first time in public. This press release was picked up by some weblogs and in no time they had collected everything publicly (= via Google) available on Eccky. My team dinners, important meetings, a few qoutes here and there, etc... Within hours I had several interviews as well with traditional press publications that wanted to know more about Eccky after they read something about it in the 'blogosphere' (their words). Reminds me of something I posted on last week. By the way, why don't bloggers ask questions like most journalists do?

So who is Eccky? More on that after tomorrow, but here's a highlight as it was found by others as well: "..., but basically Eccky is the name of a game where two parents can make, name and raise a virtual child using the MSN Messenger and their mobile phone. See mine to the right..;-)"

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  1. Yes, I definitely think it's a great way of spreading the news. It was not a coincidence that bloggers were able to find some info on Eccky at various websites, we are very much applying lessons learned...