dinsdag 16 november 2004

The 5 C's

Yesterday I attended and presented at the Assolombarda Premio Cenacolo workshop, an important media and publishing event in Milan, Italy. In the morning there was an interesting discussion between the five most powerful men in the Italian media landscape. Before they started they congratulated us with the Jong-Zuid succes story that we presented. It was somehow 'funny' to see these greying Italian aristrocats discussing things like SMS, blogs, multimedia journalists and the internet in general. The discussion very much focused on the current and future business model for pubishers and traditional TV and radio companies. They ended up defining their role within the media value chain as being an aggregator and filter of information. Although that is a nice starting point, I'm not sure there is a lot of money to be made in that corner. At least not enough to keep these '5 C's' (Enzo Campione, Innocenzo Cipolletta, Fedele Confalonieri, Maurizio Costa, Vittorio Colao, Antonio CalabrĂ²) as powerful as they are today...

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