zondag 21 november 2004


The news that Media Republic (disclosure: I work for this company) launched a 'mobile TV station' in cooperation with Vodafone did not attract a lot of attention outside of The Netherlands. The Dutch press however has been talking a lot about 2GOTV, especially since many famous stars are involved and because it's being positioned as a TV station (with programming) rather than a mobile video service. Now I don't think Vodafone will sell more UMTS handsets because people are dying to see these clips on their handset while waiting for the bus, but I do feel the massive PR accompanying 2GOTV will build awareness around the special features of UMTS handsets in general. That might speed up adoption just a little bit, now let's see whether we can develop some usable services that will make these feautures relevant as well...

"Media Republic and Vodafone Netherlands have started a mobile television station. 2GOTV broadcasts on a 24 hours, seven days per week over Vodafone live! UMTS and the 2GOTV website www.2go.tv. Shows are presented by well known Dutch TV personalities. The user pays EUR 0.25 for 10 minutes. "

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