woensdag 17 november 2004

The geoweb and deep place

BMW is producing its first car, the M5, that allows a driver to see projected data on the windscreen. Primarily things like speed and fuel, but it's not hard to imagine different purposes for these kinds of 'head-up displays'. One of the bottlenecks will be relevant content however, something others have been working on for years. Some of the most interesting developments are to be found around what is called the 'geoweb'. Understanding the geoweb will help you to envision things to come...

"I think most of the others would agree that the experience was akin to walking around a deserted city, imagining what life might be like when the streets are filled with people. Until there are multitudes of tags, filtering, browsing, writing and conversing via the geoweb is a small taste of what the experience might be like."

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