zondag 21 november 2004

The online ad surge

Business Week is running a special report on the surge of internet advertising. They hint that advertisers are starting to see and use its potential. However, I feel most advertisers are drawn into this space because it can now offer reach, which makes it comparable to TV advertising and that's something they're familiar with. Not surprsingly they are talking about things like how online video ads are the hottest thing today. Although I believe this indeed can be more effective than on TV, advertisers should at the same try to understand there are more and better possibilities for 'brand building' using the web...

"But something is decidedly different this time. Since the bust, the industry has pieced together the technology -- from video delivery to customer tracking -- to make good on the shining predictions of the boom. The Net is winning over mainstream advertisers with its computational precision. It delivers hard, quantifiable results measured in clicks and sales -- down to the penny. In the process, it's turning advertising from an art into a science."

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