maandag 15 november 2004

DoCoMo's i-mode keeps spreading

I do think there advantages of using an existing platform like i-mode if you start building your mobile data business as an local operator. It's not the technology (well, except for the handsets may be...) that has been blocking succes in other countries Japan. I've always believed that operators like KPN in The Netherlands have tried to mass-market i-mode from the start, failing to understand there would be a normal 'adoption curve' for these services. And this curve is really hard to defy with only lots of advertising.... So the result was that many people bought an i-mode phone, but nobody was using its data services. Marketing i-mode to the wrong people has cost them...

"There are, of course, plenty of reasons why i-mode is good for a carrier, but most of those lessons can be implemented without paying NTT DoCoMo a fee. Many carriers seem to think that as long as they sign a deal with DoCoMo their wireless data questions are all answered -- when reality has shown that most of these international i-modes really haven't done that well."

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