maandag 8 november 2004

Smarter IM

Interesting service providing add-on features to your Instant Messaging client. Primarily notifications at the moment. Although MSN Messenger for example has similar possibilities through .NET alerts, you can't easily configure them if you're just a regular end-user... I wonder how the big IM networks will react on IMSmarter since it is an example of how added value is not offered, and profited from, by the networks themselves.

"IM Smarter, like a secretary, sits between you and the rest of the world and helps you manage your messages. Using IM Smarter is pretty cool; imagine having one place you can search and visualize your instant message chats with anyone you've chatted with using any of the major IM networks. Imagine being able to update your blog as easily as sending an IM, and getting an IM whenever any of your buddies update their blogs. IM Smarter keeps you in the loop with things that you told it to remember and things you told it to keep an eye out for."

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