donderdag 11 november 2004

Open Skype

Although it is a shame that Skype is not working with the existing VoIP standards, I really do like the way their business model is shaping up. First they have built a large customer base, now they let others capitalize on that while taking a piece of the action(=revenues). The way (via Om Malik on Broadband) they are enabling developers (commercial and non-commercial) to take advantage of the Skype functionality and user base, in ways that Skype themselves could never have foreseen, is perfect.

"The long rumoured SKYPE API has been announced. My gut says a cottage industry of Skype add ons will be springing up, much like what has occured around eBay. Already I hear of VoiceMail service in place (I think I signed up for a trial) and other advanced features. The key here is who makes money. Otherwise Skype can't be a free forever type of service. Someone got to make money !"

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