dinsdag 30 september 2003

Seth Godin's Blog: Why Web Ads Don't Work

"A long time ago, pundits started declaring the death of the banner ad. By and large they were right--banner ads now get clickthroughs that peak at .1%, the cost per thousand is close to zero and Google and others have demonstrated that contextual text ads are far more effective."

maandag 29 september 2003

Net guru peers into web's future

"The inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, outlines his ideas for a more 'intelligent' web in an interview with the BBC programme, Go Digital. "

dinsdag 23 september 2003

ITV Case Study: The View

"It's been nearly ten years since the advent of interactive television. Things are finally starting to look up. Recently, I worked on a case study about interactive TV advertising. I'll share some of the highlights here to illustrate a point: this is not your mother's 30-second spot.

First, some background. iTV advertising revenue will grow from $25 million in 2003 to $2.3 billion in 2007. Ad revenue will represent $39 per iTV household in 2007 -- about six percent of total TV ad revenue per TV household. Participation by brand advertisers is starting to gain momentum as ad spend on emerging platforms makes its way back into the mix."

maandag 22 september 2003

Uncovering the Napster Kitty Ads

"On the eve of its relaunch, the infamous file-trading company Napster appears to be defacing other companies' billboards with stickers of its distinctive kitty logo.

The stickers -- showing a cat wearing headphones -- are appearing on street-level billboards, the kind that feature blocks of identical posters plastered to the sides of buildings or construction sites."

If Walls Could Talk, Streets Might Join In

That companies like Vodafone and others are willing to think about the mobile phone as more than a person-to-person voice communicator and are building spaces to reflect that suggests that interactive environments are starting to be viewed seriously.

"Till now the industry hasn't spent enough time thinking about how the mobile phone and location-based content can be exploited," said Colin Burns, the head of Ideo's London operations.

donderdag 18 september 2003

A Complaint Box

"While staying at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco this spring, Mark Hurst was annoyed when he learned that it charged guests $2 to make a toll-free call and $1.50 for a local call. As an Internet consultant who specializes in improving the 'customer experience' of corporate and commercial Web sites, he found the charges akin to getting a dead fish on his pillow. When he vented his annoyance in a weekly e-mail newsletter he publishes that deals with a range of consumer experiences, he struck a chord with readers."

zondag 14 september 2003

BBC NEWS | Technology | Digital TV beats 'red button blues'

BBC NEWS | Technology | Digital TV beats 'red button blues'

"The last five years of digital TV in the UK have transformed viewing from a passive experience to one where viewers have far greater control over what they watch and when.

Interactive TV gives viewers more control

A lot of this is due to interactive television and the enhanced programming and advertising it offers. "

dinsdag 9 september 2003

BW Online | September 8, 2003 | Time to Rewrite the Rules of Telecom

Time to Rewrite the Rules of Telecom

"Now that voice calls can be sent over the Net, existing phone regulations are becoming irrelevant. The FCC has to make some tough choices. Since its launch in April, 2002, Internet telephony company Vonage has been a rip-roaring success. Over the last year, the Edison (N.J.) company signed up 45,000 customers, who pay a flat rate of $39.99 a month for unlimited local and long-distance calling, plus caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, and a bevy of other services."

donderdag 4 september 2003

Video: The Future of Online Advertising?

Video: The Future of Online Advertising?

"There may be hope for bored online media planners and buyers yet. A number of companies are working to add some life to the somewhat stagnant pool of media offerings from which we currently draw our ad placements. They're developing technology that could fuel the creation of some pretty appealing new ad units."

Whipping Up Supper, Mouse in Hand

Whipping Up Supper, Mouse in Hand

"Instead of trying to conquer the world, for now FreshDirect limits service to Manhattan (with plans to expand gradually into other boroughs and the New York suburbs). With 3,000 orders a week, the upscale products (the picholine-packed pizzas also feature aged parmesan reggiano, fresh mozzarella and slow-cooked tomato sauce) clearly appeal to time-stressed food sophisticates who have rude friends and no off-street parking (or even cars) available for unloading their own grocery bags."