donderdag 11 november 2004

Not using what you know

A database full of information about your customers, but you do not use it? Why is it that we see so few examples of companies that are able to do something relevant with customer data? From my own experience I completely agree with a comment by the author of this article (via business2blog): "I recently decided to change where I stay when I go to Chicago -- I might not have moved had I felt my loyalty was rewarded." And so with airlines, banks, etc, etc. One important other reason why you should do something with your data is because it allows you to identify your worst customers as well, so you can get rid of them...

"Mr. Draft quickly made my midrange hotels seem even worse. His regular New York haunt, the St. Regis, checks him in and out automatically and prepares his room according to his tastes -- down to the right brand of bottled water. Perhaps, I suggested, the problem with my hotel chain is that it doesn't have a customer database. 'No,' said Mr. Draft, patiently, 'it has a database. It just doesn't know how to use it.'"

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