maandag 8 november 2004

The rise of open-source politics

Many have predicted that the 2004 elections in the US would be heavily impacted by the internet. Given the overwhelming online support for the Democrats, the impact doesn't seem to have lived up to expectations, but it's definitely true that internet has been transforming (via Slashdot) politics in general. Much the same way in which it has changed business.

"Whether you're a Democrat in mourning or a Republican in glee, the results from election day should not obscure an important shift in America's civic life. New tools and practices born on the Internet have reached critical mass, enabling ordinary people to participate in processes that used to be closed to them. It may seem like cold comfort for Kerry supporters now, but the truth is that voters don't have to rely on elected or self-appointed leaders to chart the way forward anymore. The era of top-down politics--where campaigns, institutions and journalism were cloistered communities powered by hard-to-amass capital--is over. Something wilder, more engaging and infinitely more satisfying to individual participants is arising alongside the old order."

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