donderdag 19 oktober 2006

It just takes time

Sometimes I just don't understand why some politicians and law makers are wasting their time on plans that will never work out they way they hope. But then I read Martin's thoughts on those events and they make me think it's all for the better;-)

"Between the bans on online gambling in the USA, and under attack, I can safely predict one thing: alternative forms of value storage and transmission are about to get a big boost. And the American government is going to get a nasty shock, in that there are other sovereign countries who will be the beneficiaries. A whole bunch of tech and business models from the bust need a dust-off. As for telcos, this is unwelcome news. The prepay industry has been expanding into payments for all sorts of digital and physical services, and this in the long run means there’s now competition on the horizon. They’ll do OK, and each will find its own distribution niche. The Internet is going to have a much deeper impact on society and institutions than we think. It just takes time."

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