vrijdag 20 oktober 2006

Cross-generational gaming

Liz Lawley writes about cross-generational play over at Terra Nova. This is very fascinating if you have kids of your own and you're not sure 'what to think of all this gaming and computer stuff' your kids seem to like so much. It's a topic I'm often discussing with those parents...

"What happened as a result was that a number of the guild officers took the responsibility of looking out for the younger players--sending /tells to new players complaining about behavior reminding them that 13yo behavior wasn't inappropriate for a 13yo, and providing a little more guidance and support to the younger players than they might have offered to an adult. ("Sure, I'll run you through Deadmines. Again.") That, to me, represents the very best of what virtual worlds have to offer to our kids. The guild had become an online village, a place where I knew that even if I wasn't there to play with my kids, adults I knew and trusted were there. A virtual "neighborhood watch." This provided not just security for my kids, but also an opportunity for them to learn. They had role models, people who exhibited the kind of behavior online that I wanted them to emulate."

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