zondag 5 juni 2005

Virtueel spel, echt geld

Ik kom helaas te weinig toe aan mijn tweede leven, maar ik volg de ontwikkelingen rond Second Life met veel interesse. Erg fascinerend. The New York Times kijkt, enigzins oppervlakkig, naar hoe mensen echt geld verdienen met het spelen van dit soort 'massive multiplayer online games' en vooral deze quote over iemand wiens tweede leven gebaseerd is op z'n 'eerste' vond ik erg aardig.

"But Mr. Ainsworth found his moneymaking options in The Sims "very limited"; he switched to Second Life, a virtual world that is less a game than a three-dimensional environment in which players can do whatever they choose. There, he has leveraged his real-life experience - he is a developer and contractor - into an online business. In 14 locations in Second Life's virtual world, he owns enough "land" to rent space to nearly 50 retailers, who in turn earn virtual money selling everything from jewelry to clothing to art (all nonexistent, of course). Mr. Ainsworth converts his game profits into real money on sites like eBay, Ige and gamingopenmarket, which charge a small fee, and he includes that income on his tax returns."

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