maandag 27 juni 2005

The Fifth Wave

Om Malik and Michael Copeland have written an article on what they call the 'Fifth Wave'. They refer to Robert Hof's 'Power of Us' piece in BusinessWeek and claim to be "going under the hood and explaining perhaps why what Hof's writing about is happening." I haven't read the 'Fifth Wave' article since I'm not a Business 2.0 subscriber. Now let's suppose it's at least as good as Hof's article, or may be even comparable to Chris Anderson's 'The Long Tail'. In terms of impact, will ever come close? I don't think so. And that's because of Business 2.0's subscriber policy which definitely limits the reach of the thoughts of these authors. And therefore also decreases the impact Business 2.0 can make. What is Business 2.0's strategy here...?

"The Fifth Wave, is the fifth wave of computing, with first four being represented by mainframes, minicomputers, personal computers, and client-server/Internet 1.0. The fifth wave is powered by cheap commodity computing, open platforms and of course, persistent connectivity, be it broadband at home or narrowband while on the go. The remix of these three ingredients has created a platform which is the spring board of innovation."

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  1. The long tail is real and it is already changing

  2. Sorry, my previous comment got sent out prematurely... I was saying that the long tail is already changing how we choose what we use. Here is a service that helps you slide down the long tail of


    The fun part is that it helps you start with a book, CD, or even flat sceen TV or cellular phone you know, and see what else there is in that section of the long tail of Amazon.