maandag 27 juni 2005

Entertainment blogs

When we started the Eccky project at Media Republic, we had some discussion on whether or not a public weblog would be a good idea. At that time there were no well know entertainment brands or products that had their own weblog. It turned out to be succesful for us, and slowly there are more companies in this industry that are beginning to understand the value a blog can bring.

"Done right, blogs offer a cheap and easy way for the filmmakers to converse with their most avid supporters, the very same folks that will get the word out about the movie in the months prior to its release. And its not just big blockbuster movies that can benefit: Posts to Zach Braff's Garden State blog (a movie released months ago) still regularly attract thousands of comments from loyal fans. That sort of community involvement and excitment usually costs tens of millions to build (if it's possible at all), so don't be surprised to see scores of these blogs popping up around your favorite flicks."

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