zondag 23 oktober 2005

Voice 2.0

With all this talk about Web 2.0 you easily forget that the possibilities of the most 'natural' interface to the web's content and services, voice, is developing fast and in inspiring ways. Here's an interesting post from Alec Saunders on what he calls Voice 2.0.

"The merger of talk with the web is the foundation of Voice 2.0. When Skype launched, and the price of minutes dropped to zero, social barriers to calling strangers disappeared, driving voice usage higher again. The merger of talk and the web is leading to web based conferencing, push to talk, application sharing, voice enabled e-commerce, and a multitude of other applications, all of which are driving voice usage higher. In the process this merger is redefining the staples of business — customer service, sales, and marketing — and impacting all of our lives as we move from the standard work day to 24/7 availability."

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