zondag 30 oktober 2005

Internet TV's future

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Brightcove and former CTO of Macromedia, lays down his vision on how internet TV will come of age. The details on his company are a bit vague so I won't (yet) comment on that.

"This will be a world where content can flow freely over the open Internet, in a manner that is geographically—and thus carrier and operator—independent. In much the same way a consumer finds and uses any Web site, at any end-point in the world, they will discover, use, and self-program video and television across the vast ocean that is the Internet, unfettered by walled gardens and closed networks. Just as consumers flocked to the Internet despite the hiccups of dial-up modems and clunky Web pages, they will flock to this new medium that empowers them in ways that no single company or industry can replicate."

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