dinsdag 4 oktober 2005

'Future TV' value chain

I guess most will agree that the future of TV is on demand. We see whatever we want to see whenever we want to see it. The New York Times discusses a couple of the initiatives in this area, but fails to answer an important question. What will the value chain of this industry look like in a couple of years and where does this leave Open Media Network, Blinkx and all the others? I can't imagine we're going towards a future where we have many online channels to choose from, each with their own website, UI, etc. In the end I hope there will be a single gateway to all content. But that would mean the revenue models (advertising based) discussed in the article probably won't work since they require control over the user experience. Anyway, we'll see....

"A handful of new Internet companies have recently introduced Web sites that aim to sift through millions of online video clips and instantly splice them together according to the viewer's stated or implied tastes. Right now, that includes a fairly meager selection of mainstream media selections - and, yes, you sometimes have to watch it through a subpar Internet connection. But more network-quality shows are coming online, and Webcasting technology is fast improving to the point where you can now catch glimpses of what TV could look like in the not-too-distant future."

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