zaterdag 29 oktober 2005

Outsourcing the teacher

Teachers in India are tutoring American students. It's great that online teaching is becoming a reality, but it also shows the inevitable shift of economic power in the world. Whereby India holds a huge advantage over the Chinese, they happen to speak English...

"The chitchat ends quickly and a geometry worksheet pops up on Princeton's computer screen. Teacher and pupil speak to one another, type messages and use digital "pencils" to work on problems, highlight graphs and erase mistakes. Princeton scrawls on something that looks like a hyped-up mouse pad and it shows up on Namitha's screen. He can also use a scanner to send copies of assignments or textbook pages he needs help understanding."

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I have long felt that Indians could tutor Americans online. However, I've been discouraged by my experiences in the actual level of English competence generally found in India.

    We outsource some software development. My programmers are supposed to be able to communicate reasonably well in English. A couple days ago, my current programmer, with whom I generally communicate through YM, ended his communications for the day with:

    "Today now time is getting over."

    I can often barely understand people who have earned degrees at universities where English is theoretially the medium of instruction. India needs to improve the quality of English being taught before oppportunties such as online tutoring can be taken seriously on a large scale.

  2. It's probably still better compared to the Chinese, but i can imagine things aren't as good as advertised....