zaterdag 29 oktober 2005

Eccky has launched

Eleven months ago I wrote about Eccky when we presented the concept to the outside world for the first time. Last wednesday we launched Eccky officially, Poynter's Monique Van Dusseldorp writes about it.

"That's where the ingenuity of the thing comes into play: The Eccky chatbot can respond to chat lines with some 45,000 different answers around 3,500 recognized topics. The first 10,000 users that bought an Eccky generated 15 million chats during the six days of the game, and bought 250,000 different virtual articles. The chatbot in fact does such a good job in understanding the natural-language lines it receives that many of its young players never realize it is not a person they are spending time with. (Eccky is scheduled for an international launch in 2006, but already can chat in English now.)"

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