zaterdag 29 oktober 2005

Het leven van een Second Life

Twee interessante artikelen over Second Life, eentje in The New York Times en eentje op de BBC News website. Beide kijken vanuit economische en sociale perspectieven naar wat mensen motiveert om zoveel tijd te besteden aan het leven van een tweede leven.

"Although many people keep in touch with their real-world loved ones in virtual worlds, some find relationships that develop in the opposite direction. Ms. McKenzie not long ago met a man in Second Life, lthen met him in real life and is now married to him. The couple were married in South Dakota, and plan to have another ceremony online. Although worlds like Second Life can be useful for staying in touch or even for forming new relationships, for most people they are simply a casual getaway. "I like meeting new people, but this is strictly a game for me," a member whose avatar is named Gina Fatale said of Second Life. "Plus, in Second Life I look better."

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