woensdag 22 november 2006

Whisful thinking

I find it hard to imagine that social networking and IM services will provide mobile operators with new revenue sources. Sure, there will be more data traffic over their networks, but I wonder if that's going to make them happy given their flat-rate offerings. Anyway, Vodafone clearly thinks differently.

“Sarin says social networking, mobile advertising, mobile video, and other advanced applications are on the rise. “We expect these services to generate 10% of our revenue within three or four years,” he says. Vodafone generated $29.4 billion in revenue and $6.6 billion in profit during the first half of the year, beating analyst forecasts.”

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  1. Yme,

    I believe the operators will see a small increase in revenue as a result of users using IM or social sofware escalating their intimacy or conversations on those channels to voice calls for efficiency or more intimacy.