vrijdag 3 november 2006

Nog veel te leren

Alle rumoer rondom YouTube maakt nog maar eens duidelijk dat de meeste contentpartijen een hoop te leren hebben. Hyperpeople legt het beter uit dan ik zou kunnen...

"Television producers are about to learn the same lessons that film studios and the recording industry learned before them:
what the audience wants, it gets. Take your clips off of YouTube, and watch as someone else – quite illegally – creates another hyperdistribution system for them. Attack that system, and watch as it fades into invisibility. Those attacks will force it to evolve into ever-more-undetectable forms. That’s the lesson of music-sharing site Napster, and the lesson of torrent-sharing site Supernova. When you attack the hyperdistribution system, you always make the problem worse."

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