maandag 20 november 2006

What happened to Lonelygirl15?

She's still alive. Detailed Wired report on the advent and future of the YouTube-girl apparently coming from the Midwest, but who actually is an actress in a Beverly Hills home.

“Many assumed the series would sputter and die. Media reports zeroed in on how viewers had been duped, suggesting an inevitable backlash. But the fans — raised on the unreality of reality TV and with the role-playing ethos of the Web — seemed to take the revelation in stride. One guy who had corresponded regularly with Bree wrote to ask if he’d been conversing with Jessica Rose. “No, you’ve been talking to Bree,” came the reply (from Amanda). “If you want to talk to Jessica Rose, you can go to her MySpace page. If you want to keep talking to Bree, use this email.” “Fair enough,” the fan wrote back, and then went on to tell Bree the latest news in his life. To many, it didn’t seem to matter whether she was real or not. A number of posts appeared on YouTube denouncing the series, but many more responded with variations of this simple statement: If you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

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