zaterdag 11 november 2006

Web 2.0 Summit summarized

I like this summary of everything I've read about the Web 2.0 Summit. Microsoft’s TechEd in Barcelona (which I attended this week) was more interesting I think. More on that later…

“When we were in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, there was tangible excitement about the new age of digital media. The Hollywood types were bursting to talk about this revolutionary age of amateur talent ushered in by YouTube. This week, web 2.0 crowd treated the YouTube acquisition simply as a huge transaction, with the only interesting aftermath being lawsuits. Here, we’re so far ahead of the curve, it’s a race to see who can be cynical first.”

1 opmerking:

  1. Even poor people like me (too broke to goto a summit) are creating Web20 applications to better the world (free apps), I made for image designing online.

    Eventually no one will ever have to install (installing on you computer has more security risks) or purchase software again. So long "BIG BOYS"! You can already get many free Operating Systems (Linux) that connect you to the internet to use these freebie tools.

    Web 2.0 will dominate, already Google offers a complete Office suite in Web2.0!