dinsdag 23 januari 2007

Operating systems don't matter

Lately I've read a lot about Parallels, a software product that allows you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on one machine, an Apple for example. But every time I read about it I tend to think that I don't care a lot about the OS I'm running, OS X, Linux, Vista, whatever... Almost everything I do is within the browser environment. Office is probably the only program I frequently use outside of the browser, but even that is not really necessary anymore. I am always online however, sort of a must if you'd like to live a web-based life. Although there's definitely a trend towards being able to use web services off line as well…

“While the last version of Parallels allowed you to run both operating systems at once, it still required you to switch back and forth between the two. Now, however, Parallels’ Coherence product, which the company says will ship by mid-February, lets you keep multiple windows open on your desktop, just as you normally would, running a variety of applications. Except now you can switch between windows running Windows and Mac applications just as if they were all Mac.”

1 opmerking:

  1. They don't matter. It has always been the application. If Vista won't run my favourite app then so long Vista

    Spectate Swamp