woensdag 17 januari 2007

Genealogy made easy

I've played around with genealogy and family tree services before, but they're always so complicated to use. Now Geni has launched which aims to make all of this a lot easier. It's still in beta and they are promising a lot of new features for both importing (GEDCOM) and exporting/publishing data, something that is currently impossible. Will be very interesting to see what kinds of services will be build on top of a Geni API.

"You can start creating your family tree on our homepage through (what we hope is) a fun simple interface. It’s extremely fast to build your tree by clicking the yellow arrows in the direction you want to add new family members. As you’ll notice, there is no software download required, no lengthy signup process, and no fees. There is another key advantage of Geni: When you add a relative, you can also enter his or her email address. In that case your relative will receive an email inviting him or her to join your tree. By clicking a link, your relative will be taken to the same family tree you’ve been working on, but re-centered from that relative’s point of view."

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