zondag 21 januari 2007

News, PR 2.0 and press releases

Based on my own experience with the introduction of Eccky last year I was surprised by the impact of a press release. Often the news about Eccky was already published on the Eccky weblog or my own and some (online) publications would report it. But only after sending out a press release using the regular channels would get traditional (often main stream) media writing about it. Even though I knew they had read about the news already. Many journalists are lazy and wait until the news comes to them in a form that can be copied and (sometimes) edited. If you have an interest in PR you should follow the discussion about what some call a ‘Social Media Release’, hrelease and SMR...

“The IDEA is to strip out all of the bullshit and hype from traditional mechanical, and useless press releases and rebuild it as a focused compilation of relevant facts, links, media and a subscription feed to help readers write, tell, and share a story their way (without having to sort through a sea of crap to find out what’s real, what’s canned, and what’s important.) This is what a good release should be anyway, regardless of trends and titles. Basically it’s the press release redux. It takes out what’s wrong with press releases and modernizes them into a usable format for journalists, bloggers, and individuals.”

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