dinsdag 23 januari 2007

Making more with prostitution

We've read enough about Chinese and Korean companies where underpaid employees are working hard to earn money in virtual words by collecting valuable objects (farming). Prosititution however appears to be more lucrative for some…;-)

“Perhaps the most unique use of a “female character” was by Rob Conzelman of Philadelphia who wrote of his own experiences as a “cyber whore” for Dragonfire magazine. He explained that he tried his hand at “gold farming” but was frustrated by the amount of game time needed to acquire even a small amount of game cash. Plundering and pillaging dungeons and cities was not enough to get him the money he needed so instead he resorted to the world’s oldest profession — prostitution. He went to the largest cities in the World of Warcraft where he stripped off all of his female character’s clothing and positioned her in front of the cities’ inns and propositioned players to have a good time upstairs. It is surprising how many players actually took him, excuse me, her, up on her proposition, and she soon made much more money than she could have done tramping through dungeons.”

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