donderdag 18 januari 2007

My newspaper

Ever since the start of Techmeme I read at least 100 feeds less (150 originally) and it's the first website I check at breakfast and the last one before I go to sleep;-) Danny Sullivan did an interview with Techmeme's creator and he says some interesting things in there that could tell you a lot about the future of news sourcing and distribution. And don't forget to check Techmeme for the discussion on this interview…

“Gabe asked the audience if anyone had heard of Techmeme. Apparently, no hands went up — at least in the audience. All the panelists certainly had. I love that anecdote, because I feel it largely reflects how Techmeme operates. The masses might have Digg, but perhaps the influencers have Techmeme. Certainly plenty of large, influential bloggers I know keep an eye on what it is covering. But I recommend it for anyone, not just influencers, for the easy way it organizes what’s happening with technology stories.”

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