zondag 6 maart 2005

War for the living room won by the mobile phone?

In the end our mobile phone, or any another device we always carry with us like a watch, will probably be the central computing device in our lives. Sony Ericsson sees it that way as well and therefore they have released the Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200. I normally don't blog about gadgets here, but this is a promising concept and contrary to Engadget's doubts, I do believe there will be massive consumer demand for something like this. Although it could very well be that the required network intelligence will be embedded in the various devices instead of in a separate hub like this one.

"Not sure whether there is any massive consumer demand for something like this, but the MMV-200’s basically a hub you connect to your home entertainment rig that let’s you beam photos to your TV or stream music to your stereo from your phone (Nokia has had something similar out for a while). You can also pop your phone’s memory card into the MMV-200 and then use your phone as a remote control."

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