zaterdag 19 maart 2005


Amazon's OpenSearch initiative is very interesting. It's much more than just making it easier to find things.... And it's also more than just having an RSS feed for Google search results. It's about opening up and reorganizing the web in new ways. I strongly believe this will create huge business opportunities in the area of content aggregation and syndication, and in information retrieval and presentation. If that turns out to be true it will impact the way business is done (on the web) in many ways.

"Many sites today return search results as a tightly integrated part of the website itself. Unfortunately, those search results can't be easily reused or made available elsewhere, as they are usually wrapped in HTML and don't follow any one convention. OpenSearch offers an alternative: an open format that will enable those search results to be displayed anywhere, anytime. Rather than introduce yet another proprietary or closed protocol, OpenSearch is a straightforward and backward-compatible extension of RSS 2.0, the widely adopted XML-based format for content syndication."

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