zondag 6 maart 2005

The fall of centralized marketplaces

Jeff Jarvis on centralized marketplaces:

And, in fact, I've also said -- and said to Craig (Craigslist founder Craig Newmark)-- that I believe he and Monster and company are only waystations to a different future, a distributed future when these buyers and sellers won't need to come to a centralized marketplace but, instead, will sit out there, anywhere, on the internet waiting to be found by some specialized successors to Google that put them together (with, perhaps, no revenue at all).

I think he's completely right, and I'm trying to proof it with a new project I'll tell you more about later. Although Eccky is an amazing project that's keeping me busy 15 hours a day, I just can't ignore the interesting opportunities that will be the result of the developments Jeff is hinting at....

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  1. http://www.gbn.com/GBNDocumentDisplayServlet.srv?aid=34045&url;=%2FUploadDocumentDisplayServlet.srv%3Fid%3D29752

    Very interesting post Yme! The above URL or PDF document might shed some additional light on the future of independent media. It is from Global Business Network, home for Peter Schwartz, Bill Joy and many others....

    I guess P2P solutions will gain traction in the near future...


  2. That's a long read.... How does it relate to Jeff's remarks on centralized marketplaces?