dinsdag 8 maart 2005

How important is 'live' in TV?

Yuri says "there will also be demand for live TV events/programs as a way for people to get a shared cultural experience in a time of more and more media fragmentation. This universal need for shared experiences will be only be more pronounced in times of egocasting, blogs and niche on demand programming."

But what kind of current programming needs to be truly live in order to make it a shared cultural experience? Most programming doesn't have to be live for people to share the experience, not even sports. We need format-innovation in order to make the live aspect truly important. I only see one direction for that, make sure the audience is part of the format so there is no other way than to experience it live....

1 opmerking:

  1. Yes, I believe you...;-). I'm one of those people, but these are one-off events. They're rare, and that's a difficult requirement for a TV-format that's broadcasted on a weekly basis... So how can we make the 'live' element important in regular programming?