zondag 13 maart 2005

Screenagers and Eccky

I was interviewed by NRC Handelsblad, a large Dutch daily, on why teenagers are spending so much time online, what it is this Generation M is doing over there and how companies are taking advantage. Although we haven't introduced Eccky yet, I think it's a good example of a commercial concept that fits well into the lives of these screenagers...

"Let's make a virtual baby"
"This is the headline of a one page article by Natascha van Aalst in Saturday's NRC Handelsblad, a leading Dutch daily newspaper. It's about how children are spending their time and money online and Eccky is profiled as one of the potential beneficiaries alongside another, very succesful, example: Habbo Hotel. The latter has millions of users and, at least in The Netherlans, the monthly average revenue per user is 7 euro. Interesting benchmark;-) Anyway, it's a good read with some interesting interviews as well, looking at what really motivates these teenagers to do these things most parents do not understand...

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