dinsdag 15 maart 2005

Stubborn newspapers

Will they listen this time...?

"The problem with newspapers these days is that they're missing two very important cultural changes. First, is that there no longer is a captive audience. If you don't make it easy to work with you, then people go elsewhere quickly. That means registration or charging drives people away for good. Second, is that many people no longer view the news from solely the consumer perspective -- but also from the ability to share the news with others -- and registration and charging makes that more difficult as well."

1 opmerking:

  1. Totally on the spot!

    It is incredible what the current nuisances are, even after all those years. Paid content is only suitable for high-end content like Wall Street Journal and FT. For normal newspapers, the focus should be more integrative articles/special reports for which people might pay a little. The rest is free, ad supported and content syndication supported. You can monetize traffic in different forms.

    Personally, I go for blogs. They are better/more on the edge and free. And they are viral.