zondag 8 mei 2005

Skype vs existing IM clients

I was thinking the same thing....

"I often talk about how Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN could be more of a threat for telcos than Skype because of their wide user bases and their increasingly potent IM clients, yet Skype is doubtless the one pushing the technology envelope."

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good point. In line with this I could argue that Google might buy Skype in 2005 as to advance their position relative to Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL. The Skype-Google merger makes a lot of sense. Strategically, technically, culturally, operationally. The first argument is decisive tough....

    We'll see what happens....


  2. Skoogle! Brilliant.

    Personally, I wonder whether you could form an audio-audience for live broadcasts with Skype. How would the simultaneous laughter of thousands of Skype users sound? Might make regular TV funnier too.

    The day that Google takes the leap towards providing free productivity facilitating software, will really be a giant leap for mankind though.

  3. Not sure though what Google's business model would be for Skype-like services. It's different with Gmail since contextual advertising is possible there.