zondag 8 mei 2005

Podcasting for mobile

Given the limited wireless spectrum resources, efficient use of available bandwith is required. Podcasting provides a perfect distribution mechanism for this situation. Lots of opportunities....

"While many carriers around the world are attempting to become content creators, most are focusing on video rather than audio. But audio might still be a better bet for mobile. Operators could download "morning shows" or news programs overnight to devices."

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Now *that* would be a typical weak-tie application for the mobile phone, provided that you can look for podcasts with the phone itself.

    Maybe a prelistening option via GSM? Might even make money that way.

  2. There are apps for doing this on Smartphones. AND you can sync from the desktop to your phone as well. I do this with my Audiovox SMT5600.

  3. Sharing of Podcasts would be great. Installed Nokia's Sensor yesterday, great for filesharing in local ad-hoc social networks.

  4. How about producing Podcasts, by recording conversations you have with people you meet thru Sensor. Might make for an interesting preference in your Sensor Folio: the willingness to be interviewed about a certain subject. A shared podcasting goal may break the ice more easily :-)

  5. Yes, I can see many creative uses for something like that, but some push the privacy limits so to speak....;-)

  6. Ah yes, sweet privacy...

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the 'Folio' of the future would be very similar to a C++ class prototype, including public, private and protected data and functions.

    In general, I'm starting to think that all this new interactive technology might have a bigger psychological impact on us than we are realising right now. What's more, I think I actually like it.

    God knows that the psychological realm, and especially the people that are supposed to implement its knowledge, could benefit from a little down-to-earth functionalism.

    But I digress...