zondag 1 mei 2005

Queensday and location based services

Yesterday it was Queensday in The Netherlands. If you've ever been in Amsterdam on the 30th of April you'll understand what I'm about to be saying...

I was supposed to meet with several people throughout the day, but my phone didn't work for several hours which is quite annoying when your trying to find someone when there are hundreds of thousands of (drunk) people out there on the streets. But it did give me a chance to think about a a very simple application for next years Queensday that might even kick-start several other location based services (LBS) for your mobile phone.

Here it is: I would like to subscribe to a service that tracks my whereabouts during Queensday and those of my friends (think social networking services integration!), allowing me to see everyone on a map using my mobile phone. If many people would use this service, it would not only save a lot of hassle (everyone's on the phone the whole day asking "where are you now?"), but it would also make traffic flows much more efficient.

Anyway, Queensday is the kind of event providing a great launch/PR opportunity for LBS since everyone understands (and has experienced) the problem and therefore will also see the value of a simple solution.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. For sure a great idea, but for now only Vodafone users will be able to use it..

  2. Well, almost all the networks are ready to provide these services. And by Queensday next year I hope they will be commercially available as well...