zondag 8 mei 2005

The capacity question

Sometimes it is easy to forget that wireless spectrum is a limited resource. Unfortunately that's by design and not a law of nature. But as long as we have to deal with this artificial scarcity, the wireless internet might not grow as fast as we would like it to.

"The Internet caught on, in large part, due to the common acceptance of flat-rate dialup fees. People don't necessarily like having to pay attention to how much data they're using. They want to feel free to explore -- which is where the value is in a data connection. This isn't to say the capacity issues aren't real. They're very, very real -- which is why some are questioning how successful wireless VoIP can be. If the high bandwidth applications can't work on these networks in a way that makes economic sense -- then it's difficult to see how these wireless broadband solutions can ever become the mass market success that so many like to predict. If the industry wants to be a real replacement to wireline broadband solutions -- then it needs to deal with the capacity question soon."

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't you mean *fortunately* it's a matter of design, not a law of nature? :-)

    At the moment, I'm reading about the 'Akasha field' in a book by Ervin Laszlo, "Kosmische Visie".

    He provides pretty startling scientific stories about how this sub-atomic field is literaly insatiable with information: like an infinitely large archive, using holographic storage.

    So yes, my guess is also that there is really no such thing as electromagnetic/subatomic information scarcity :-)

  2. Nope, I reallu mean 'unfortunately'.... Why create scarcity when it's not necessary?

  3. Oh I agree very much. I'm just glad that we can still design our way out of scarcity, instead of being bound by laws of nature :-)