zondag 6 februari 2005

The mobile entertainment discussion

The never ending story on whether mobile video is going to work. Broadcast style that is. Although it's definitely not a mass-market yet, I think there are enough signals that indicate consumer demand. I know it firsthand through our 2GOTV initiative in cooperation with Vodafone, and it's not hard to imagine other TV content that might do good on a mobile device. Even broadcast style. Think of sports, news and other 'item based' content. Ok, may be not movies, batteries alone will prevent that from happening today, but the fact that not everything works does not mean nothing works. However, it will be difficult to develop a good revenue model. And a good distribution model since bandwith costs are way too high at the moment. We need experiments in order to learn about the possibilities, it's just to easy to say it won't work.

"Simply moving entertainment to a mobile device and calling it mobile entertainment is missing the point. If there's no reason for that entertainment to be mobile, there's no reason anyone's going to be willing to pay anything extra to get it."

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