maandag 21 februari 2005

Google the Librarian

Is the librarian a better filter than Google's PageRank?

"Then, too, search engines make it all too easy to filter information in ways that reinforce pre-existing biases. A Google search on "voting machine fraud," for example, will turn up popular Web pages that feature those words prominently, most of which will support the view that voting machines make election fraud easier; opposing sites won't tend to feature that language, so will be missed in the search. A researcher exploring the same topic in a library would be more likely to encounter diverse points of view."

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    Interesting article on Google, weblogs and librarians... I guess I have a balanced view of this. I sympathize with the point that most bloggers have an issue with a more linear, scientific, logical setup of their posts/comments. That is the case with me as well. However, the medium is the message. I guess weblogs are not the medium for delivering scientific, proof-laden posts; they are more a forum for CREATIVITY and INNOVATION and inspiring thoughts.