zaterdag 19 februari 2005

"Red-Button" ads via SMS

Telco operators will have to rethink their MMS strategy if they're interested in the advertising dollars and euros that will be spent on mobile marketing. At the moment WAP push is the preferred mechanism for 'red button advertising'. It will also be interesting to see what will happen to other 'red button' mechanisms like Semacode, NFC and RFID.

"This functionality is of course not new. SMS has been used to respond to ads on other media for the last few years, but the formalised way in which it is now being offered is new. This formal stamp of approval is an important step, industry insiders believe, in driving uptake of mobile marketing -- and, interestingly, of mobile content, as the reward for interacting with ads is increasingly a WAP push message driving recipients to the mobile Internet."

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