zondag 9 mei 2004

Online Teens Shape Trends

"The report identified different habits among the online boys and girls. While teen boys spend 150 percent more time per week playing online games than girl, the girls are spending 22 percent more time online. Sehgal comments on the gap in the breadth of online activity usage between teen girls compared to teen boys: 'According to an online activity index, an aggregate of a variety of online activities, more 14 year-old teen girls are actively involved in various online activities than 17 year-old teen boys.'

A multichannel mix of online and television would likely reach the teen population. The report reveals that 12 to 17 year-olds spend seven hours per week online versus 10 hours watching TV, an online-to-TV gap that is wider than that of adults. Teens also more regularly engage in instant messaging, Weblogs, gaming, music and movies than adults."

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