woensdag 20 december 2006

Social networking's niche future

I've written before about the difference between ‘small’ and ‘large’ social networking services. The little ones have the future I think, and via Marc Canter I found this interesting article (Anatomy of a Successful Social Network) that sort of says the same. But explained way better;-)

“As of now, most mainstream social networks allow us to do pretty much the same things; contact friends, send email, post to forums, blog, etc. On the other hand, the niche social networks are expected to have these standard features in addition to services that are specific to that niche. For example, a social network for bookworms will have features that let its users showcase their favorite books. The generic social networks can never attain this goal unless they provide a framework to allow custom tools to be easily integrated (widgets on steroids). In the end, no one can predict where social networks are headed, but millions of people today still spend time on niche forums. This should be enough to give us faith in this market.

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