vrijdag 8 december 2006

Microsoft matters

I've been working with Microsoft (as a partner for Eccky) for some years now, and I really agree with what Jon Udell is saying.

"Bottom line: This isn't your father's -- or maybe your older brother's or sister's -- Microsoft. Initiatives like these matter, they're solidly in line with my own agenda, they're being pursued in very open ways, and I want to help move them forward."

He gives some examples as well, most of them I've written about before on this blog.

"At the Emerging Technology Conference in March, Microsoft's incoming chief software architect, Ray Ozzie, showed how LiveClipboard, the 21st-century version of the Windows clipboard, could enable collaborative sharing of information, and creative recombination of services, across all operating systems, web applications, and desktop applications.

Kim Cameron, Microsoft's identity architect, is taking a similar approach in the domain of identity, privacy, and the control of personal information.

Jean Paoli, Microsoft's Office XML architect, continues to pursue his lifelong dream of empowering millions of people to create and use smarter documents.

Jim Hugunin, who created both Jython and IronPython, is making my favorite open source scripting language, Python, a first-class citizen of the .NET platform.

J.J. Allaire is creating a blog-writing tool that will enable millions of people to publish data that's reusable and intelligently searchable."

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