zaterdag 16 december 2006

Really virtual

So often lately I hear people talking about virtual relationships, virtual people, virtual identities and stuff like that. While in reality it's not a virtual person walking around in Second Life for instance. It's a real person, having real social connections. Danah has an interesting post on this same topic.

"If you look at the rise of social tech amongst young people, it’s not about divorcing the physical to live digitally. MySpace has more to do with offline structures of sociality than it has to do with virtuality. People are modeling their offline social network; the digital is complementing (and complicating) the physical. In an environment where anyone could socialize with anyone, they don’t. They socialize with the people who validate them in meatspace. The mobile is another example of this. People don’t call up anyone in the world (like is fantasized by some wrt Skype); they call up the people that they are closest with. The mobile supports pre-existing social networks, not purely virtual ones."

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