dinsdag 5 december 2006

Giving it away with a profit

Cory Doctorow writes about his experience with giving away his (e)books for free. Although he can't prove it, the suggestion is made that more physical books have been sold as a result of this digital giveaway. I find it hard to believe that books will still be read that way (on paper I mean) in the future, but fortunately Cory also identifies a more sustainable revenue source. The man himself;-)

"It's good business for me, too. This "market research" of giving away e-books sells printed books. What's more, having my books more widely read opens many other opportunities for me to earn a living from activities around my writing, such as the Fulbright Chair I got at USC this year, this high-paying article in Forbes, speaking engagements and other opportunities to teach, write and license my work for translation and adaptation. My fans' tireless evangelism for my work doesn't just sell books--it sells me."

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