zaterdag 9 december 2006

IPTV, VOD, RSS & broadcast

When Steve Rubel says everything in TV-land will change because of IPTV he doesn't necessarily mean all content will be distributed that way. At least not in the short term. He presents his vision on what might happen in the short term, a vision I think is very plausible.

"As we've seen time and again, we love to watch people like us. This is not just all about YouTube. It dates back to Candid Camera and America's Funniest Home Videos. The trend is evergreen. However, RSS feeds are going to find their way onto your TV set either from your cable/satellite provider or via IP-connected devices like Apple's ITV, Xbox, Slingbox or TiVo. The user won't know that the RSS is even there. They will be able to browse through thousands of shows created by individuals and subscribe to them on their TVs. Many of these will be ad supported. Most will be free. Some that are more successful will require micro payments to view."

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